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SuperSSpeed S302 Hyper Gold

Patrick MACMAC MacMillan

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Tweak Town have just tested the mid-range SuperSSpeed S302 Hyper Gold SATA 6GB/s SSD, which is based on the SF2281 controller and features 550MB/s read and 515MB/s write speeds.

Let s see what they had to say: 

After reviewing a lot of LSI SandForce SF-2281 drives with synchronous flash we ve moved beyond the benchmarks and spend more time looking over the accessory packages and build quality. SuperSSpeed ships the S302 Hyper Gold with a very nice dual drive desktop adapter bracket, this is a unique add-on. SuperSSpeed also designs drives with beefy power circuits. It s been quite a while since we ve seen this many surface mount components on the board and there are capacitors all over the place. That tells me that SuperSSpeed didn t design the S302 to be a low-cost product, but they designed it to be a high quality product that just happens to cost less than many of the competitors because they get some of the other components at a lower price.

This another in a long line of very high performance SandForce-based SSDs. Though for less than the predicted $1 per GB price, you can have either a SanDisk Extreme 240GB or Corsair GS 240GB both of which use more potent 24nm Toggle Mode NAND.

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